Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rock N Roll Psychosis

Wow! I've been waiting a while.....i've waded through so many limp records promising me something i thought long lost, but now here comes along a band to finaly set fire to my heart and make my soul breakdance and their name is Jim Jones Revue. Their tunes channel 50's rock and roll with a razor punk edge like that of MC5 and Dr.Feelgood among others. Don't get me wrong though, JJR aren't reinventing music, nor do they have a Elvis hip moment to drag in the kids. Nope. Rather they are breathing new energy into a quickily diminishing genre. By going back to the roots, they are finding the essence of the music that made it so irresistable to begin with. But this time your mum and dad might not dig it.

Look out for their new album not in a supermarket near you

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